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Our goal is to help you improve your health and get the body of your dreams. Whether you want to lose weight, improve flexibility, or gain muscle, our in-person and online workouts deliver exactly what you need to reach your goals.

Warning: Our methods aren’t for everyone. We don’t believe in taking “baby steps” or that “doing something is better than nothing.” Why? Because we believe in results. Real results keep you excited, motivated, and sustaining your new lifestyle.

If you don’t see results - you won’t be happy,
and neither will we.

Our team understands how to push you to your limits. We know you’re a badass deep down, and after you finish a workout with Kasheta BodyFit, you’ll believe it! We’re looking for new clients that are ready to commit, ready to work hard, and ready to get long-lasting results.

Our Motto is: Look Better Naked

And we promise that if you do the work – you will.


100+ 5-Star Reviews

We remember every single client that’s allowed us to be part of their journey, not just those that are with us today. We’ve been privileged to be a part of the lives of many people on many different paths. Their journey started with a single decision, just like yours can today.

Read some of their stories below:

After 20 years of rushing around trying to take care of everyone elseʼs needs, Jason made me realize I needed to focus on myself. The upscale gym, friendly atmosphere and personalized program helped me gain the confidence to do this and keep doing this. Iʼm actually having FUN and getting fit at the same time…who knew that was possible? I didnʼt. I used to hate working out…but NOT anymore.
I am very glad that I decided to train with Jason and have continued with him for the past 2 years. He has done exactly what I had hoped for. He plans each workout and tailors them to my needs. He maximizes workout time, with little time lost on extraneous matters. He really does care about my well being, and never is a session about him. When I am hesitant to follow his direction, he pushes me to achieve things I didn’t think I could do. The results are that I have stronger and more muscular legs; my cardio capacity has improved, and workouts are fun again. Thanks, Jason!
I have been training with Jason from Kasheta BodyFit for three months now and it has been very effective. He understands what works and how far to push while educating me during the process. I have seen personal gains in performance and agility. If you are looking for a personal trainer to start a change for a better and healthier life, I highly recommend Jason Kasheta and his team.
Yarmmys S.
I was a little nervous about going back to a personal trainer after becoming pregnant but it’s super important to me to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy! Healthy momma = healthy baby! I must say that after 1 session with Therresa with Kasheta BodyFit, I was feeling so great and much more confident about my ability to stay very active during this wonderful time in my life! I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy and look forward to my sessions!! I 100% recommend Kasheta BodyFit for all fitness needs, levels, and abilities!
Valeria S.
I had never worked with a trainer and was very intimidated to start, but knew I had to make a change. Jason helped me believe I could succeed and helped me change my life! I wouldn't be at a 70 pound weight loss if it wasn't for his training/workouts and his belief that I could do it. I'll be forever grateful for his knowledge and experience. The work is hard but well worth it!
Stacy M.
Jason is an exceptional trainer. The workouts are well-structured, functional, and effective. Just when you think you’ve pushed past your physical limits, he pushes you further. His training approach delivers the best results and workouts will bullet-proof your body. I’ve gained confidence with barbell squatting which is something I avoided for years, and I achieved so many PRs in other aspects of my training. I’ve always been an avid lifter, but Jason ignites a new fire within you. By truly tapping into your mental strength, you will accomplish more in the weight room and in life than you ever thought possible.
Erica L.
I have seen a total body transformation, all because of Kasheta Body Fit. They have given me challenging workouts, held me accountable, and most importantly given me the encouragement and confidence to achieve and exceed my goals. You will love your experience and results with this gym and the Kasheta Body Fit Staff.
Jason H.

We believe a successful fitness program
should be accessible for everyone.

This is why we’ve developed an exercise program to serve clients worldwide. Don’t live in Orlando? You can still work with Kasheta BodyFit and get the expertise, encouragement, and custom workouts to help you achieve your health goals and sustain them through our customized online program and mobile app.

THE KBF Approach

Why Choose Kasheta Bodyfit?

  • Educated. Experienced. Committed.

    Kasheta BodyFit was founded by Jason, the owner and one of our key personal trainers in Orlando. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Nutritional Chemistry and a Master's degree in Exercise Science.

  • Bring Your Goals and Let's Crush Them.

    As a former NCAA college football player and North American Strongman competitor, he knows what it takes to bring your fitness to the next level and is proof that his instruction works.

  • There's a Method To Our Madness.

    Jason oversees his clients and Kasheta BodyFit trainers to ensure that all programs are based on science and physiology to help you reach your goals (and set new ones you haven’t thought of yet)!


Ready to Reach Your Fitness Goals With Online Personal Training?

At Kasheta BodyFit, we are a firm believer in making fitness and a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone on their terms. Get the same benefits of working with a trainer without the hassle of visiting in person and dealing with scheduling issues. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, working with an online personal trainer can help you reach your goals.

And in just three days,
you'll be well on your way
to looking better naked.