What It's Like Working With an Online Fitness Consultant

Before you break a sweat, we’ll discuss your goals and things like your fitness experience, injuries, dietary restrictions, and more. Within 72 hours of completing your consultation, you’ll get your first personalized workout plan.

The online exercise program with our trainers means that you don’t have to work within our schedules and locations. You can do everything on your own time, within the comfort of your location, weight room or preferred gym. There’s nothing to do in real-time. No Skype sessions, Facetime, or video chats – just you, your workout plan, and our support.

Don’t have a gym membership? We can customize your plan to accommodate whatever equipment you have available.


You’ll get access to an experienced online personal trainer, giving you the benefits of personal training sessions at less than half the cost of a traditional trainer. With our best online personal training programs, you’ll get access to some of the best personal trainers out there – regardless of your zip code.

In a world where many personal trainers host live classes and require you to adjust your schedule to participate, we know you can commit and do the work if you’re motivated – and we’ll be there along the way to hold you accountable and offer unlimited support.

What You'll Get With Your Online Personal Training Program

With your online coaching membership, you’ll get everything you need to reach your health and fitness goals



Custom Workout Plans

We offer custom workout programs to help you achieve your goals. Each program is designed for you based on the following factors What’s most important to you? Where do you want to be 12 months from now? Six months from now? How much time can you dedicate each week? Do you have access to a gym? What’s your current fitness level? Do physical limitations or past injuries limit what you can do?

Your structured workouts are updated weekly. And, you’ll have access to a step-by-step photo and video library of more than 60 strength training movements you’ll be using in your program. If you have questions about the proper form, you can always turn to the videos for help. We don’t use the cookie-cutter approach because our clients deserve the same treatment they’d get with traditional personal training.

Nutrition Coach

One of the biggest issues many people face when it comes to weight loss is what to eat while working out. With our program, you never have to worry. You’ll get nutrition advice to help support your meal planning efforts. Each program comes with a highly personalized diet plan. Do you have food sensitivities or allergies that prevent certain foods in your diet? Do you have certain foods you want to avoid because you don’t have time to prepare them or don’t like the way they taste? No problem! Our meal plans are designed to make things as easy as possible for you. If you don’t like fish, what good is a meal plan that recommends salmon for dinner every night? The plan, just like your workouts, is based on your individual needs and goals. If one of your primary goals is to build muscle, we’ll make sure your diet includes ample protein.



Exclusive Kasheta Bodyfit Mobile App

Inside the Kasheta BodyFit Force, you’ll find everything you need to be successful.

  • You’ll be able to Track your progress
  • Follow your workout calendar
  • Get direct access to your trainer

Most online personal trainers charge per session, just like at your local gym. We’re different. Our program is cost-effective, at less than $200 a month for online coaching. That’s a fraction of the cost of meeting in person with a personal trainer!


It all starts with you. And you don’t need to do it for anyone else. Find your strength and push hard to become full of POWER. Your own. It’s waiting for you.

We know you’ve probably tried to change before so let’s get real and address it. You don’t need to waste more time or money on a quick-fix or trendy solution. Real change is here.

Whatever that looks like for you. Want to join the 1,000 lb club? Want to look better naked? Living longer is only a good thing if you’re living better! So let’s set YOUR goal and get to it.

Ready to Reach Your Fitness Goals with Online Personal Training?

At Kasheta BodyFit, we are a firm believer in making fitness and a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone on their terms. Get the same benefits of working with a trainer without the hassle of visiting in person and dealing with scheduling issues. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, working with an online personal trainer can help you reach your goals.