If you're looking for the best personal trainer in Orlando, FL, look no further.

We offer personalized training no matter where you live, but if you happen to be in the Orlando area, you can take advantage of our advanced training facility and personal trainers to get the results you’re dreaming of.

Personal Training
Built Around
Your Fitness Goals

Do you want advanced strength training to prepare you for high performance in an athletic endeavor? Maybe you just want to capitalize on weight loss and motivation to eat fewer sweets.

Perhaps you are looking for group classes to make fitness fun while getting results. Or for a specific workout, such as a core body workout, to target specific areas and improve your performance in particular skills.

Whatever your goals, we can develop workouts that will meet your needs and propel you on your fitness journey.

Exercise With Our Personal Trainers in Orlando or Build Your Own Boot Camps at Home

Sometimes you can’t beat the personal training of an in-person trainer or group class. Other times, you may need flexible options to pursue your fitness goals at the gym.

Whether you want to hit the gym for conditioning sessions or an in-person class or pursue your fitness plan at home on your own time, we can develop a flexible fitness system that meets your changing needs.

You may not even know exactly what you want from your weight or strength training when you start out. As we proceed, we can learn together exactly what works best for you and develop a plan to meet your needs and goals to keep you motivated.

Both a diet and exercise strategy is core to achieving the results you’re dreaming of for your body. Whether you’re at the gym or trying to resist cookies in your kitchen, our training plans can make your fitness dreams achievable.

We know that great fitness training demands more than what happens in an exercise session. We go the extra mile for our clients to build motivation into our plans that makes success achievable. We’ll get to know you and what makes you tick.

We know that some clients are highly motivated by group training and having friends and family to hold them accountable to a diet program, while others prefer a solitary focus through each workout and want gentle reminders from trainers to stay on track when it comes to diet.

Whole-Body Health to Help You Meet Your Goals


Why Choose Kasheta BodyFit?

We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to a trainer in Orlando, so why should you choose us to help you meet your performance goals? Check out the testimonials section of our website to see how many of our clients are singing our praises. Our customer reviews make it clear that we provide something special and go above and beyond in creating plans that kick ass and help each client achieve their goals.

The versatility of our performance plans sets us apart from our competition. If you’d like to come into the gym and work out with the trainer to measure your performance in person, that’s great, but if you’re having a busy day and would rather exercise at home, our plans accommodate that perfectly as well. This kind of versatility makes it much more likely that you’ll stick with the plan – which means improving your health long term and hitting those exciting fitness goals you have in mind!

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There’s no better time to get into the shape of your life. Give us a call, email us, or fill out the contact form on our website to get started. Before you ever break a sweat, we’ll discuss your goals in detail so you can feel confident that you’re getting a tailored program.