Build Muscle While Losing Fat

By now we’ve all probably seen the visual of one pound of fat in comparison to one pound of muscle. The picture is supposed to tell the story. Clearly yellow globs of goo are not what we want to fill our bodies with but there’s more to it than that. When you are embarking on a weight loss journey, you’ll most likely be armed with information that tells you to burn more calories than you consume. And burning calories can come from a number of activities, be it walking, running, or activities like cleaning the house and gardening. Although restricting calories and burning a few extra here and there is helpful, it shouldn’t be the only goal.

In the science of human anatomy we’ve learned that building muscle can help make you stronger. But, it can also help you reach your goal of sustained weight loss. It may seem counter intuitive to “build” muscle while you are trying to “lose” weight but the fact is a pound of fat and a pound of muscle may weigh the same, but they do not behave the same. Even after you stop a strength workout you will continue to burn calories. And the muscles you will build burn more calories than fat can, even at rest!

Some of my clients are concerned that when they start lifting weights that they may bulk up or gain weight, when they came to Kasheta Bodyfit to slim down. This is where education is key. Knowing what your long term goals are and ensuring that the program you start is going to get you there is the most important step. I will never recommend a quick fix to meet a short term goal because that will only have you back where you started (or worse!) in six months. This is why it’s critical not to focus on a number only when starting a weight loss journey. In the beginning the number may not drop as fast as if you underwent a quick fix diet, but with a little bit of time you will notice not only weight loss, but a change in your whole body and health. These are the goals we want to help you reach at Kasheta Bodyfit – not only weight loss, increased confidence and success but long term health to take you anywhere you want to go!

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