How do I eat healthy when the rest of my friends or family won’t?

This question is always a tough one. Just because you are ready to make a change doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Although you will probably hear from well- intentioned friends that whoever is in your life should support you and do this with you, let me offer a different perspective. Do you want your loved ones to support you or do you want your loved ones to become healthier and happier themselves? Maybe you can have both – some families jump on the bandwagon and support each other in everything. If so, great!

But, if not, I’d encourage you to think a little differently. We don’t all jump into something without careful thought, observation and a long list of pros and cons. In which case, you doing something for yourself, can be an incredibly powerful example to those you love.

Maybe it will be when they see you drop some weight, or get a little more active, or start to feel better and live happier. Maybe when they see how you’ve changed your diet (and broccoli is starting to look better and better!). At some point, something may change for them. But the point is, it has to be for them. Not for you.

You’ve already made a commitment to something that will challenge you, push you, and in all reality be pretty tough. Through that you may change some folks around you but you’ve got to go into this without worrying about that. Make this look good even if the only one to ever benefit from it is you. That’s enough for me.

What should I order when I go out?

Good question – but first, think ahead. Make a plan and choose a restaurant that doesn’t have a reputation of the best fried chicken in the country for example (no offense KFC).

The safest way to eat well when you go out is to choose a lean protein source and lots of those vegetables. Look for grilled (not fried) and no thick goopy sauces, dressings or starches.

There are no bonus points for choosing a salad if it’s covered in croutons, cheese and a creamy dressing. And for God’s sakes, say no when they ask you if you want bread. It’s free food, not gold bars. You can say no.