Five Benefits of Working Out With Your Significant Other 

Millions of people across America begin the new year with goals of improving their body, mind, and spirit through exercise. As it turns out, exercise may be even more beneficial when it’s performed with a partner. What better partner could you choose than your significant other? Research indicates that working out with your romantic partner may actually improve the quality of your relationship. The following information covers five important benefits that can come from engaging in regular exercise as a couple.

Five Benefits of Working Out With Your Significant Other

Whether you want to lose weight or improve your fitness level, taking on new physical challenges is always daunting. Engaging in exercise with a supportive partner could alleviate some of the stress involved in this lofty goal. Let’s look at five ways that working out with your partner could improve your life.

 More Efficient Workouts That Facilitate Accomplishing Your Goals
As it turns out, couples who exercise together tend to have more productive workout sessions. Both parties may actually expend more energy, burn more calories, and perform their respective workout in a more efficient manner. Working out with a partner also fosters healthy competition and a competitive spirit. This can make reaching challenging fitness goals a bit easier.

Simulate the Feelings Surrounding Falling in Love 
Exercise, especially that of an aerobic nature, creates powerful chemical changes in the body that closely resemble the changes that occur when we fall in love. If you think about it, both love and exercise create changes such as a racing heart, breathlessness, and the release of endorphins. Subconsciously, the body has a hard time telling the difference between these things being brought about by romance or by breaking a sweat in the gym. Hence, bringing on these changes through exercise could boost the level of physiological attraction you feel for your partner.

Create a Stronger Bond with Your Partner
Couples who perform all types of activities together tend to have a much more profound emotional bond. This can include performing hobbies together, going out on the town, or simply hitting the gym. When you workout with your partner, your movements will automatically mimic those of the other person. This mimicry improves your bond on a deep level. Partners who exercise together also tend to open the way for more meaningful communication on a deeper level. All in all, couples who regularly exercise together report a greater degree of satisfaction with the quality of their relationship.

Increase Accountability of Both Partners 
Taking on new fitness challenges is not for the faint of heart. Reaching these types of goals requires hard work and dedication. It also requires the ability to hold yourself accountable for your actions, even when the odds are stacked against your success. Including your partner in your workouts can increase the accountability of both people. You’ll be far less likely to come up with an excuse to skip the gym when your partner is counting on your support.

Draw Closer Through Mutual Goals
Watching your partner work hard at reaching a fitness-related goal can boost your respect for him or her. There’s nothing quite like watching the person you’ve dedicated your life accomplish their goals in a dedicated manner. This deepened respect for your partner can strengthen the overall bond the two of you share.

Statistically speaking, many people who set a New Year’s resolution to increase their fitness level or lose weight will tire out before their new routine even gets off the ground. By including your partner in your workouts, you could drastically increase the chances of successfully reaching your fitness goals. At the same time, you could deepen the bond you share with your romantic partner. What could better than improving your body, mind, spirit, and romantic relationship at the same time?