Meal Prepping

Failing to plan is planning to fail! Or something like that.

There’s no benefit to going to the gym without a plan and the same applies to your diet. So, meal planning, meal prepping, whatever you want to call it, is absolutely critical. If you base your diet on a wish and a prayer, you might as well just give that up and wish and pray for a better body.

This entire program is hard work because you’re going to be stopping some bad habits and replacing them with good ones – meal prep may be one of them. I don’t want you to be fooled by my slick advertising (although it is nice, don’t you think?)…

Getting in shape is hard work.

It’s going to take everything you have. But that’s why you’re going to be different than everyone else. Because you’ve made a decision to put that work in and now you’ve got accountability to keep you on track. Don’t leave your blood sweat and tears on the gym floor only to waste that effort because you’re putting the wrong gas in your car claiming “convenience”.

Life gets in the way – so prepping your meals is the surest bet to be ready for the pitfalls, the temptations and those damn donuts in the conference room. They will inevitably derail your progress if you’re not prepared for them. This is your life, what are you here for? Decide, plan and prep those meals.