It’s Time to Lose the Crutch

It’s a New Year and that means you have a whole new opportunity to make some changes. As the owner of Kasheta Bodyfit, you may think I’d recommend you hit the gym more or really start focusing on your nutrition, and that’s mostly true… But if there’s only one thing I could suggest you do, it’s “lose the crutch”.

What is your crutch? I’m not sure exactly, but after decades of working with clients, I am willing to bet you have one. Your crutch is whatever is holding you back from changing your life, whether making time to take care of your body, spend time with your spouse, engage with your kids or even focus at work. Here are some of the “crutches” I’ve heard over the years:

“I’m just really busy…”

“My work is just too demanding…”

“Things are just really tight right now…”

“If I had more free time, I would definitely prioritize this…”

“You don’t understand, it’s different when you have kids…”

“This semester is really tough so once that’s over I can make a change…”

“I’m the only caretaker for my parents (spouse, kids, you name it) so there’s just no way…”

When I hear someone say this, I know that they actually believe it, because it’s a phrase they’ve used to justify their actions for quite some time. And don’t get me wrong – raising kids, working a challenging job, going to college – these things ARE tough. I get it! But they’re not an excuse to stay where you are. Here’s how I know that.

I’ve trained hundreds of clients, some that succeed and dramatically change their life and some that don’t make it past the first session. The difference between the two is not their lifestyle or the challenges they face. It’s a commitment – to be honest with themselves and cut through the b.s. The reason you use a crutch is because it’s a lot easier than taking that first step to grow. Sure, it’s gonna hurt. It’s definitely going to take a long-term commitment to the process. And it’s not going to happen without some sacrifices. But demanding that you hold yourself accountable, that you don’t take the easy route, and that you stop making excuses for yourself is the best first step you can take this year.

Don’t go through 2019 telling yourself that “one day” you’ll make the changes you know you need to take now. Your health, your family and your life isn’t going to wait forever. Lose the crutch and get ready for your best year yet.

If you’re struggling with how to make that leap, just visit us at Kasheta BodyFit, we’ll help destroy that crutch with you!