Top 10 Reasons a Personal Trainer Can Help Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

Many people go through phasing of setting weight goals during the year, but few people seem to find complete success through planning alone. If you’re trying to jump-start your weight loss, consider hiring a personal trainer Orlando or the surrounding area to help you meet your goals. There are dozens of ways that a personal trainer can make losing weight easier, but here are ten of the best reasons to hire one.

1. Knowledge of Exercise and Physiology
Any licensed personal trainer will have detailed knowledge to offer about workout structures that can help you lose weight. They also have practical knowledge that comes from the experience they build working with clients, and will educate you about best and most efficient workout practices.

2. Personal Trainers Provide Structure
One of the best ways to stick with a goal is to create a structured workout plan. When working with a personal trainer, you have an expert putting you through a series of workouts, stretches, and info sessions to help you work towards your goal. By providing structure for your workout time, it is harder to slack off, and eliminates time spent  trying to find or create a workout.

3. Convenience
There are many ways that working with a personal trainer can be more convenient than working out alone. If visiting a gym to work with your trainer, you eliminate the need to create a workout space in your home or to buy dumbbells, workout machines, etc. However, if you have little time in your schedule to drive to and from the gym often, there are also online personal training programs available.

4. Motivation
After a period of time, sometimes the level of motivation falls. When working with a personal trainer, however, you can receive positive and constructive reinforcement. In addition, once you’ve spent the money on a trainer, you’ll find yourself less prone to slacking off for fear of wasting your money.

5. Accountability
Personal trainers also provide an accountability that you can’t get working out on your own. You have a set time to meet with your trainer, someone to evaluate your progress, and will hold you accountable if you slack off or fail to put forth maximum effort.

6. They Know How Hard to Push
A personal trainer will push you hard enough to get in the shape you want, but not so hard that you risk injury. While working out alone, it can be difficult to get that last rep pushed through, or you find yourself staying in your comfort zone. A trainer will push you outside of it while still making sure that you perform exercises safely and correctly. This makes your workouts more effective and reduces the risk of injury.

7. They Provide Help with Goal-Setting
Sport psychology has proven that setting personal goals makes you more likely to reach those goals. Personal trainers will help you formulate positive and realistic goals, and notify you of improvements you make. This reinforces the fact that you are making progress, and helps you to keep your focus on your goals.

8. Personalized Workouts
While you can find adequate exercise routines for losing weight by doing some brief research, a trainer will not only do this for you, but will personalize your workout so that it is best for your body. This can be key when trying to lose weight, as personal trainer considers factors specific to you and also limit the possibility of injuring yourself during a workout.

9. Nutritional Advice
Losing weight isn’t just about working out all the time–it’s also important to eat well and ensure your body receives the proper nutrients. A personal trainer should be able to advise you on both general nutrition as well as what to eat before and after workouts, and their expertise will often be more helpful and accurate than information you might find online or in a magazine.

10. Research Shows that Personal Trainers Help Lose Weight
Finally and most importantly, countless studies have suggested that working with a personal trainer can aid the process of losing weight. One study, which had 44 obese men and women work with personal trainers, peers or mentors over the course of 24 weeks. (Ace Fitness Study)  Weight-loss program participants who were guided by health coaches lost more than 9 percent of their body weight during a 24-week period. A reduction in body weight of 10 percent or more has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of conditions caused by obesity.